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A BAD DAY for Nadler, Cummings and Schiff


On Thursday night, POTUS declassified some key documents, the first of many. What can we expect to see and when will we see these documents?


Nadler video (long range)

Nadler video (close up)

Nadler tweet

Marshall Cohen says Trump is supporting the conspiracy of the UK and Australia being part of the Russian hoax

Cummings on tax violations

Top Democrat Elijah Cummings Accused of Tax Violation Refuses to Show His Taxes

Cummings’ wife and ethical issues

Cummings and Wife Deny Personal Benefit From Committee Position ― Still Won’t Turn Over Public Records

Mark Meadows views new Strzok text messages

Mark Meadows Reviews New ‘Peter Strzok Coverup Text Messages’ at Justice Department

Sara Carter on the unmasking

Sara Carter: Pay Attention To The Unmaskings

Adam Schiff tweet from Dec. 2016 re: Declass

Trump tweet with video of Pelosi

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