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Is the declassification of all the documents concerning the soft coup by the upper echelon of the FBI (and others) coming up soon? And what about the upcoming IG report on the FISA abuse? Coming soon to a theater near you!!


Hannity says the IG report on FISA is done and will be devastating

Laura Ingraham says the declassification will come next week
Declassification Directive Possible Next Week?…

Laura Ingraham clip

Press Secretary Statement on Declas September 17, 2018

List of documents that will likely be declassified
List of Documents for Declassification and Public Release…

The Declassification Counter-Punch (how the declas might go)
Part II – The Presidential Declassification Counter-Punch….

IG interviewed Kortan and Pientka
Mark Meadows: IG Horowitz Has Interviewed Kortan, Pientka and Three Others – Also Trump Has Never Read any Documents Related to Declassification…

Rothschilds, Pelosi, and FBI Agent Pientka video

Trump, Twitter, and FBI Agent Pientka video

Pelosi and the Wrap Up Smear video

White House TECH BIAS survey

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