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Durham and the PLAN!!!


How long has Durham been working on this investigation? The answer might surprise you. Oh, and here are some documents from the past that you might have missed.


Barr tasks Durham to investigate the investigators

HUGE! Bill Barr’s Spygate Prosecutor John Durham Is Already Investigating former FBI Hack James Baker for Leaking Information to Press

Who is John Durham?

OIG Investigative Summary

Appointment of Special Counsel Robert Mueller

Letter from House Judiciary Committee July 27, 2017 to AG Sessions

House Judiciary letter Sept 26, 2017 to AG Sessions

DOJ Press Release on Appointment of US Attorney John Huber

Goodlatte gets 1.2 million docs from Horowitz
Giddy Up – Friday Night Document Surprise from Office of Inspector General…

House Judiciary 3rd request for 2nd SC on March 6, 2018

AG Sessions’ letter responding to Goodlatte, Gowdy, and Grassley March 29, 2018

Professor Turley praises Sessions for appointing Huber

Goodlatte’s life threatened

Sessions hires 311 more prosecutors

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