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SCOTUS, Sanger, & Eugenics!!!


In conjunction with the Tuesday Supreme Court decision to uphold part of an Indiana abortion law, Justice Clarence Thomas composed an excellent opinion on the tie between abortion and eugenics legislation from the past.


SCOTUS upholds Indiana abortion law requiring fetal remains to be cremated or interred

Appeals court rules against Indiana law banning sex, race, or disability based abortions


Justices reverse in part on Indiana abortion law

SCOTUS main page

Indiana law on informing women and on sex, race, or disability based abortions

Indiana law on burying or cremating fetal remains

Perinatal Hospice and Palliative Care

SCOTUS opinion on the Indiana law ruling

Black Genocide website

List of states creating abortion laws

Eric Holder tied to abortion doctor

Eric Holder Linked to Doctor Who Killed Patient in Abortion

Eric Holder didn’t disclose ties to abortion doctor

Eric Holder Failed to Disclose Wife’s Abortion Clinic Ties

Physician indicted for Medicaid fraud

Cathyann Warner (assistant of the doctor indicted for Medicaid fraud)

Why Holder hesitated to prosecute abortionists

Doctor sentenced for Medicaid fraud

Vincent Ramos convicted of using encryption services to help traffic drugs

Fetal Tissue Research video

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