Truth about Bruce Jenner’s sudden “life change”


During Obama’s second term the deep state had begun their new push and that was for transgenderism. One of the main goals of the powers that be is to curb population growth at all costs.They discuss in bilderberg meetings, the good club and so much more. This is why they poison the food, force people to get vaccines (look at the farce currently happening in NY), flouridate the water and so on. Tha initiative is called A G E N D A 21. Population control is also carried out with the A B O R T I O N initiative which kills millions of babies a year before they even get a chance at life. But another program is the use of entertainment media and activist groups to push the G A Y agenda on everybody. The more kids they can confuse the less babies they will one day have.

Les y’a qu’à faut qu’on

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