W W 2 – The Greatest F F Ever Told


This Documentary takes an alternative look at the circumstances surrounding World War II. Starting with the “Perfectibilists” of 18th century Bavaria to the “Thule” Society of the early 20th Century and beyond, the role of S E C R E T S O C I E T I E S has been greatly overlooked when analyzing this Horrific Event.

KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov’s warning to America

Larry McDonald 1983

Bill Cooper 1992

Aaron Russo 2006

George S o r o s 60 Minutes

Donohue 1994

The Elite Who Control The World (Documentary)

What They Dont Want You To Know About The Founding Fathers

H i t l e r researched the R0THSCHILDS

N A Z I illuminati


Facebook and Google and DARPA oh my…

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