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The Great Census DEBATE!!!


Representative Elijah Cummings is investigating the WHY of the citizenship question that Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross wants to add to the 2020 census. What’s all the hullabaloo about? It all comes back to power and greed.


Main House of Representatives website

116th Congress Letters

Letter: Cummings to Ross

Committee approves subpoenas

Letter: Cummings to Barr

Letter: White House to Cummings re: Kobach’s testimony

Committee releases new memo on undisclosed testimony of Kobach

Letter: Kobach called to testify

Memo: Kobach testimony

Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity (Voter Fraud)

Cummings on refusal of Barr and Ross to produce subpoenaed documents

NY Times article on Thomas Hofeller and their theory on his role in the census citizenship question

NY Times on Conservatives’ reactions to the citizenship question arguments

Opposition lawyers presser after the oral arguments in Department of Commerce v. New York

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