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What You Are Witnessing Is A Coordinated Effort To Block The Truth,This Will Fail – Episode 1888b


Purchase The Best Flashlight On The Market! Click Here! Use Promo Code “X20”  for 20% OFF Check Out The X22 Report Spotlight YouTube Channel – Join the X22 Report On Steemit: Get economic collapse news throughout the day visit Report date: 06.09.2019 Meadows says that the FBI knew within 60 days that the entire Russian problem was built on a pile of sand. Judge rules that the Comey memos should be released. The House is holding preliminary impeachment hearings. Pelosi and team pivots to create their own DOJ and mini FBI. FBI docs show that [HRC] was bossing…

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The Call Goes Mainstream, All Eyes Are Now On The [CB]- Episode 1888a

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