Major victory as all 3 World’power obelisks falls ! The 3 sides of the pyramide, each side of the triangle/pyramid controls a certain subject of power brokers. Families combined (triangle/pyramid) = New World Order) : – House of Saud (6+++,$4 trillion, human and drug tracking control), – House of Rothschild (6++, $2 trillion, finance control), – House of Soros (6+, $1 trillion, political control). Each inner family in the top triangle (Power are brokers labeled as the puppets/servants) : Bush, Clinton, Payseur, Rockefeller, Koch, Windsor, Obama… Wealth (over generations) buys power. Power (over generations) buys more wealth/control. More wealth/control (over…

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Desmintiendo la propaganda del lobby LGTBQIAK

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