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News Unlocks, Info Scrubbed, Symbolism Will Be Their Downfall – Episode 1913b


Get The World Famous Patriot Flashlight! Click Here! Use Promo Code “X15”  for 15% OFF Check Out The X22 Report Spotlight YouTube Channel – Join the X22 Report On Steemit: Get economic collapse news throughout the day visit Report date: 07.10.2019 One the antifa individuals was arrested and indicted. Trump defend the founder of Home Depot. IG interviewed Steele, the dossier is fake and its all falling apart. FBI/CIA and Big Tech are meddling in the elections. Border pics that are being used are from 2014. Court says Trump cannot block commenters on twitter, AOC is…

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[MSM], [DS] Baited, Trap Set, Powell Confirmed It All Today – Episode 1913a

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