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Notable NEWS!!! 07-20-19


Lots of news you won’t see in the main news cycles. Check out what’s going on that you probably haven’t heard about!


The fight against the TMT (Thirty Meter Telescope)

On-site video from reporter on the TMT protest

Linguistic observer on McCann case (Pt 1)

Wikipedia Operation Paperclip

Conservapedia entry on Operation Paperclip

CIA book review on Operation Paperclip book

History Channel on Operation Paperclip

Michelle Malkin identifies a racist

Ilhan Omar’s ex-“husband”

Tweet re: FBI raid

FBI raids former Washington politician’s house

FOIA request for Seth Rich materials denied

NSA FOIA Response reveals Seth Rich & Assange/Wikileaks communications are Classified

Judge slashes Planned Parenthood lawsuit

Judge halts subpoenas of Trump docs

Ilhan Omar’s statement on our Founding Fathers

FLASHBACK: Rep. Ilhan Omar Blasted Founding Fathers, Claimed They Founded America on ‘Genocide’

YouTube, “conspiracy” theories, and the algorithm

Democrat Candidate admits she lied about helping Pulse victims

HRC trashes Trump in speech

Crooked Hillary Clinton Trashes Trump During Speech at Southern Christian Leadership Luncheon in Atlanta (VIDEO)

Coats creates Election Security position

Border Deaths declined during Trump’s administration

Elena Kagan and her Gerrymandering dissent

Former Texas police chief gets 20 yrs for drug trafficking

Why didn’t Mueller investigate Seth Rich’s murder?

Bubonic plague likely in LA

Flynngate article

Palm Beach Sheriff opens internal investigation into Epstein case

Jerry Nadler letter to Hope Hicks

Why so little coverage of the ICE attack?

US Military brings back remains

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