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Bye Bye Epstein–Hello FRONT PAGE NEWS!!!


What a huge news day Saturday was! Here are some of the highlights as we watch what used to be called a conspiracy theory about Jeffrey Epstein and his island move into front page news!


President Trump’s Twitter feed

Terrence K. Williams tweet on Clinton connection to Epstein that Trump retweeted

Trump Lamestream media gone crazy tweet

Trump Maggie Haberman tweet

Epoch Times article on Trump’s Maggie Haberman tweet

Katie Hopkins’ asking Maggie Haberman why the NYT changed headlines

Meme with list of DNC conspirators from the media

Adam Klasfeld thead on questioning Epstein’s suicide

Incarcerated Bob tweet about 2 guards told to leave

Bill Miller BBQ has incredible day

Fantastic! “Line Goes Around the Block” at Bill Miller BBQ after Democrat Castro Outs Owner on His Political Hit List

James T. Harris video about blacks in Baltimore worse off than immigrants seeking asylum from Honduras

Cuomo wants to create federal database of mentally ill

Oppositional Defiant Disorder

Stop Drunk Drivers by Banning Sober Ones analogy to gun control tweet

Cloudflare and its choices

Cloudflare Provides Service to Pro-Pedo Websites After Booting 8Chan

Epstein 2000+ pages of documents unsealed

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“Epstein” Gurney Picture is of Anthony Bourdain

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