Deep State

Is Schiff the ROOT???


Lots of new info is coming out about the whistleblower. Here are some of the newest details. Is it possible Adam Schiff is more involved than his faux outrage appears?


Phone call transcript

Whistleblower complaint

Sean Davis Twitter thread

Stephen McIntyre Twitter thread

Urgent Concern Disclosure

Old version of Whistleblower form

Federalist article on change in Whistleblower form

Matt Beebe Twitter thread on removal of required first hand stipulation

Congressional Research Service on Whistleblowers

Adam Schiff and Glenn Simpson in Aspen

Whistleblower complaint declassified

Letter from Compass Rose legal firm to Senate Intel Committee

Schiff letter to Maguire

Compass Rose Legal Firm


Merriam-Webster definition of Compass

Who the lawyer is

Go Ahead and Guess Who the Lawyer for the Trump-Ukraine “Whistle-Blower” Is

Whistleblower’s lawyer worked for Clinton and Schumer

Whistleblower Aid organization

Whistleblower starts GoFundMe

This Video Will Get Donald Trump Elected

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