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Why a Coup against POTUS ?


The Coup against POTUS. A Smokescreen & A Sham… Rod Rosenstein, John Kelly and Rex Tillerson started the coup. Adam Schiff is only trying to finish it… They never thought Hillary Clinton would lose the election in 2016, but they have so much to hide for more than a century that you should be stunned the day you realize it!

Le coup d’état contre POTUS. Un écran de fumée et un simulacre… Rod Rosenstein, John Kelly et Rex Tillerson ont commencé le coup d’État. Adam Schiff essaie seulement de le finir… Ils n’ont jamais cru qu’Hillary Clinton perdrait l’élection en 2016, or ils ont tant de choses à cacher depuis plus d’un siècle que vous devriez être abasourdis le jour où vous en prendre conscience !

#DarktoLight #WakeUP #TheGreatAwakening

Part 1, Nov. 16, 2019

Sources :
Nikki Haley
The tragic myth of Orpheus and Eurydice – Brendan Pelsue
Trump Claims He Would Win IQ Test Against Tillerson
Kelly says he would serve HRC
Late Night shows make fun of Trump about Chief of Staff position
Trump says 19 minutes after inauguration they wanted to impeach
The Washington Post Article
Music by David Mason – Epic Cinematic Style Intro

Part 2, Nov. 18, 2019

EU created by Nazi vid in FRENCH
Bush Cabal Video
Dems putting policy before country
McCabe on 60 Min


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