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Hunter/Ho Connection & Misc Headlines


Hunter Biden’s connection with China’s Patrick Ho, recently indicted by the DOJ for money-laundering. Also other headlines on various topics.


CBS article on Barr on Trump’s tweet

First Space Force Senior Enlisted Advisor named

Eric Holder works for Covington Burling/former Flynn lawyers

Virginia passes bill to by-pass electoral college

Lead juror in Stone case ran as Dem in 2012

Evergreening drug patents

Abilene teacher arrested

Abilene ISD teacher resigns after getting arrested during human trafficking investigation

AL bill forces men

Hope Hicks returns

Judicial Watch sues for SR docs

NEW: Judicial Watch Sues FBI For Seth Rich Documents After They Were Caught Lying to Courts

Hunter Biden invested in China surveillance of Uygur Muslims

Ivanka’s patents

Hunter’s connection to indicted Patrick Ho

Patrick Ho indictment press release

Mitt Romney receives Soros money

Trump considers doing away with allowing so many to listen in on calls to other countries

The 24 names that were supposed to take down Trump

CRM 1-99

YT takes down Rand speech

TC on BitChute

TC t-shirt store

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