Romeo Full Mast

ZAP/POOFness Report “Transformation” — March 1, 2020


” The Office of Poofness “Van Morrison Lyrics”Transformation”Gonna be a transformationIn your heart and soulGonna be a transformation, babyNow that you knowGet used to righteousness when it makes you feel wholeGonna be a transformation, babyDown in your soul’Member when we were downheartedDidn’t have nowhere to goAnd the wisdom of insecurityJust knowin’ that we knowThen something starts happenin’Feel like you’re on a rollGonna be a transformation, babyDown in your soulBut like a river keeps on wantin’ to flowKeeps on advancing with the wisdom you knowTime has a rhythm when the love is the loveLove is forever, babyDown in your soulGonna be…

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