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Frequency – Is there sound in the Q Posts?


⭐⭐Welcome all Patriots!⭐⭐ 🔹 Patriot News is a Pro-Trump & Pro-Q channel Frequency – Is there sound in the Q Posts? Continuation of our "LIVE Dig" with Patriot News members & YT chatters on 4/25/2020. ⭐If you enjoy this channel and wish to support it, we offer three options⭐ 🔹 Merchandise: http://ThePatriot.Store 🔹 Donations: 🔹 Patreon: 🔹 PayPal: ⭐Discord Intro Server⭐ 🔹 PatriotLand: ⭐YouTube Chat⭐ The chat is made available for collaboration and contribution if so desired. Please keep chat clean and close to the same level as discord chat. We are all diggers and truthers…

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