Communist China Exploits Gaps in US Military—Rebeccah Heinrichs | American Thought Leaders


00:00 China exploiting U.S. military weakness 4:47 Why is the no-first-use nuclear policy extremely dangerous? 6:55 U.S. withdrawal from the INF Treaty 9:48 How big a military threat is China to the U.S.? 13:44 Militarization of the South China Sea 28:22 Cyber warfare 34:10 Biden v. Trump policy on China 38:44 Abraham Accords 42:35 Is Trump tough on Russia? 46:50 Election interference For years, the Chinese Communist Party has aggressively sought to modernize its military, with a focus on anti-satellite weapons, hypersonic missiles, and cyberspace. “What China has been doing, really since the 90s, is invest heavily in the kinds…

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