Matt Lohmeier: Marxists Sow the Revolutionary Impulse Through Race Training | CLIP


πŸ”΄Watch 10 FREE videos just by signing up with your email at Epoch TVπŸ‘‰ https://ept.ms/3AXurgj Lt. Col. Matthew Lohmeier describes in his book, ‘Irresistible Revolution,’ how trained Marxists use racial training, including the theme of diversity, equity and inclusion, in order to sow division and animosity in the US military and elsewhere. He says that while these trainings can seem to have a laudable goal, the ideas are stooped in Marxist ideology. #Military #CriticalRaceTheory #MatthewLohmeier – – – πŸ‘‰Watch EXCLUSIVE episodes only on Epoch TV: www.epochtv.com πŸ”΅ Sign up for our newsletterπŸ‘‰ https://subscribe.theepochtimes.com/p/?page=emailtemp-atl1 so you don’t miss out on our…

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