The White House

A look back at August 2023 at the Biden-Harris White House.


00:04 President Biden hosts the Houston Astros as they celebrate their 2023 World Series Win at the White House
00:32 President Biden travels to the Grand Canyon
01:43 President Biden visits a wind tower manufacturing site
03:00 President Biden commemorates the 1-year anniversary of the PACT Act signed into law
04:13 President Biden visits a renewable energy manufacturing plant
06:37 President Biden celebrates the anniversary of the Inflation Reduction Act becoming law
07:29 President Biden hosts President Yoon and Prime Minister Yoshida at Camp David
09:00 President Biden and the First Lady visit Maui, Hawaii after the devastating wildfires
10:25 President Biden and the First Lady visit Eliot-Hine Middle School as student gear up for Back to School
11:30 President Biden meets with March on Washington Leaders
13:22 President Biden delivers remarks at a Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights event
14:03 President Biden delivers remarks on lowering health care costs and announced 10 new pharmaceuticals that can be negotiated under the Inflation Reduction Act
15:23 President Biden holds a bilateral meeting with President Chavez Robles of Costa Rica
16:06 President Biden gives an update on Maui and Florida disaster response
17:22 President Biden visits FEMA Headquarters

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