‘The Question Is: Can You Be Free in a Gulag?’—Sohrab Ahmari on the Spiritual Crisis of Our Era


🔵 SUBSCRIBE to Epoch TV—our response to big tech censorship👉👉Http:// 🔴 FULL EPISODE: In the 1960s, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn secretly penned “The Gulag Archipelago,” an indictment of the Soviet system that was so profound and damning that it became a key catalyst for the downfall of Soviet communism. Solzhenitsyn saw the evils of communism with stark clarity. But after he was exiled and moved to the United States, he would shock the world with his critique of the West, specifically the excessive freedoms he witnessed and the “abyss of human decadence.” What does true freedom mean? Is it possible for…

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