HO1.us  is a Joint Venture (JV) between What’s Next? & PHMC GPE LLC  founded in March 2019.

The purpose of HO1.US ,a brand new informative Media, is to convey helpful information to the largest number of People Worldwide, compiling a large number of genuine verified and validated sources. The #1 All In One (AIO) Holistic View to understand several topics better !

HO1.us website: Creation, Maintenance & Hosting by PHMC GPE LLC

HO1.us is an independent commercial entity self-financed by the Venturers, and NOT affiliated with any political party and/or group of people on a wing or on the other. 

About the venturers :


What’s Next? is a Corporate Communication Agency, Paris-France based specialized in PR and Content Marketing Strategy, Founded in 2008 by Sylvie Fourcade.
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PHMC GPE LLC is a Corporate Communication & Marketing Agency, Newark-DE U.S.A. based, providing a full range of service in Traditional & Digital Marketing, founded in 1994 by Philippe E. Maille. Discover more about PHMC GPE LLC


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