What has protesting accomplished in history?
Millions of people in US history have protested and marched against injustices in an effort to enact social change. One of the most famous protests in the U.S. History was the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom in 1963, where Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his “I Have a Dream” speech.

  • What is the significance of 12 in the riots?
    12. It means law enforcement or the police, and is also often proceeded by the f-word on signs
  • Why are police called 5-0?
    Derived from the name of the television series Hawaii Five-O, this term is used in the US. It is sometimes shouted out as a warning by lookouts or others engaged in illegal activity when a police officer is spotted.


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December 2020November 2020October 2020
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  • Nov01 : Mass arrests on Volgogradskaya in the afternoon of November 1st
  • Nov01 : Ivorians brace for poll results in fiercely contested presidential election
  • Nov02 : Hundreds protest against pandemic evictions in Barcelona
  • Nov02 : Thousands Rally Against Macron in Bangladesh
  • Nov04 : Police teared and dispersed Kissan Ittehad Protestors and Cleared the Thokar Niaz Baig-Pakistan
  • Nov05 : Million Mask March takes place in London as new lockdown begins in UK
  • Nov06 : Manchester students tear down ‘prison-like’ metal fencing erected by University
  • Nov08 : Pro and anti-monarchy demos hit Bangkok
  • Nov09 : Tbilisi Georgia : Election protests
  • Nov11 : Opposition rally in Yerevan protesting against truce agreement in Karabakh
  • Nov12 : Italy Protests : Let’s stick together, we’ll write History !
  • Nov14 : War halted, but protests rev up – “Past week in the Caucasus”
  • Nov15 : Canary Islands: Demonstrators gather to protest conditions of refugee
  • Nov15 : Belarus Police Use Tear Gas to Disperse Anti-Government Protesters
  • Nov17 : Thai demonstrators gather outside Parliment in Bangkok
  • Nov18 : Demonstration in Paris-Fr close to the National Assembly
  • Nov18 : Germans protest in Berlin against the covid restrictions
  • Nov19 : Yerevan a minibus runs into protesters
  • Nov21 : Rights groups, press freedom advocates protest against French security bill
  • Nov21 : Protesters set fire to Guatemala’s Congress to demand president resign
  • Oct09 : Armenian diaspora protest in Paris-Fr
  • Oct10 : Action of Belarusians in Warsaw
  • Oct11 : Police in Belarus crack down on protesters
  • Oct13 : Chilean police fire water cannon to disperse protesters on Columbus Day
  • Oct13 : Chilean police fire water cannon to disperse protesters on Columbus Day
  • Oct22 : Thai protesters give prime minister three days to resign
  • Oct22 : Protests escalate in Nigeria after deadly crackdown by security forces
  • Oct22 : Outrage in South Africa and abroad over police brutality in Nigeria
  • Oct22 : Artsakh women call to U.S.: Do not allow another “9/11” to take place in Artsakh as well
  • Oct22 : Thai PM backs down on protest ban | Revokes emergency measures
  • Oct23 : Performance with a poster in the Minsk metro
  • Oct23 : Nigeria Protests | Protest against police brutality in Nigeria
  • Oct23 : Tensions mount in Guinea ahead of final election results
  • Oct24 : Hundreds protest, clash with police in Naples over new coronavirus curfew
  • Oct25 : Belarus. People’s ultimatum. Minsk went to protest, footage from the scene
  • Oct25 : Thousands of Iraqis take to streets to mark anti-govt protests anniversary
  • Oct25 : Bangkok protesters return to the streets to pressure Prime Minister
  • Oct26 : Celebrations as Chile votes to rewrite Pinochet-era constitution
  • Oct26 : Fights Erupt During “Jews 4Trump Rally” in Manhattan
  • Oct26 : Cameroon blames separatists for school massacre of children
  • Oct27 : Belarus workers, students start nationwide strike in new challenge to Lukashenko
  • Oct27 : CProtesters in Italy clash with police over measures to stop spread of Covid-19
  • Oct27 : Poland abortion ruling: protest movement grows across country
  • Oct28 : Political violence in Colombia: Is the government favouring crackdowns?
  • Oct28 : Philadelphia rocked by second night of unrest after fatal police shooting of Black man
  • Oct30 : Belarus: The times they are a-changin’
  • Oct31 : BLM, Antifa, And Black Bloc March On Philadelphia, But Where Is The Media?
  • Oct31 : Protesters clash with police in central Barcelona over new coronavirus restrictions




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