Editorial Policies

HO1.US , founded by PHMC GPE LLC & Web26 TV, works to go where most journalism doesn’t, that means reporting on tough subjects and holding the powerful elite accountable. Conscious media is founded on unbias, heart-based yet bold journalism that seeks to expose truth and unite humanity. There are times when we uncover something that is quite contrary to mainstream public perception. Regardless of the controversy, we hold true that our journalists must stay on track with facts, even within our most daring subjects. We have always been transparent with our readers, and will continue to do. Honesty, accountability and integrity is paramount to what we do.

Fact Sourcing & Attribution

We took it upon ourselves very early on to hold true to journalism that is well sourced and attributed, and if we could not find facts or sources on claims, we would make that evidently clear. Readers will always see sourcing clearly outlined in our articles where we have them. In times where we work with ‘insiders’ or genuine whistleblowers whose names we cannot release for various reasons, we make this clear and we always seek to verify their claims through other sources prior to publication. Readers will always know what is a sourced fact and what is our opinion as it’s always clearly stated or felt within the context of each article.

Article Corrections & Ongoing Updates

If we discover a correction needs to be made, it is always clearly labelled within an article. Sometimes we slightly update a headline or adjust something we may have made a mistake with. It’s rare, but where you see it is where we have been notified or have found errors. If you wish to see a correction on any particular article, you can email us at alter@ho1.us. Our team will carefully review any potential inaccuracies prior to making changes to a published story.

If you have information, wish to see a story done, or want to leak some newsworthy material, please contact us at news [@] ho1.us and we will review.

We also welcome pitches from freelance contributors. You can submit a proposal for review and consideration to lancer [@] ho1.us. If we are interested in the story we will reach out and begin working with you on the process.


First Amendment Protections & 18 U.S. Code § 241

This site and all content within it is protected by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. Per Article VI, Clause 2, said Constitution is the supreme law of the land and no other law may supersede it. Furthermore, any attempts or conspiracies to interfere with, limit or restrict, censor or deny these Constitutionally protected rights, nor any other rights granted by law to the site operator/creator as a United States citizen shall be subject to Federal prosecution according to 18 U.S. Code § 241 and/or any other applicable law, not to mention the pursuit of any and all available civil remedies.




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