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Fauci, Documents, & Moar Craziness!!


A clarification on Fauci, some new classified documents released from the National Reconnaissance Office, and some other bit of just how crazy the left has gone!


Why Trump can’t fire Fauci

Gates Foundation Grants to National Institute of Health

NRO newest document release

Joe Biden clip

An Advantaged Disease, Indeed

Lawmaker wants Trump charged with crimes against humanity

DERANGED! Democrat Lawmaker Wants Trump Charged With “Crimes Against Humanity”

Fact Check: Trump asks reporter if she’s working for China

FACT CHECK: Trump Asked a Reporter If She Was Working For China… She Is.

Rose McGowen exposes Alyssa Milano

NY City to dig trenches in park to bury dead?

NYC Official Says City Is Preparing To Dig ‘Trenches’ In A Park To Bury The Dead

Park trenches plan denied

Temporary Burials Possible for COVID-19 Victims, But NYC Park Trenches Plan Denied

Paramedic trying to meet 14 yo

Steve Piecznik video

MyPillow with Bible verse

President Trump clip on more illicit activity

Exegesis vs Eisegesis

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