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POTUS: Ahead of the Game!!!


President Trump always seems to be a few steps ahead of those who are attacking him. Here’s one we missed from September.


Babylon Bee article

Cyrus Parsa and AI Organization lawsuit

Executive Order on modernizing vaccines

Bongino report on Gov. Ralph Northam’s mask

Candace Owens on the puzzling death data

NY Times article on where have all the heart attacks gone

Apocalypse or panic article

Coronavirus COVID-19: Public Health Apocalypse or Panic and Anti-American?

CDC Director: Much, much, much lower numbers

CDC reporting guidance

Matthew Garrahan tweet

Cernovich response to Garrahan tweet

Dems want voting federalized

President Trump tweet on Dems’ attempt to force mail-in votes

ICE arrests

The Last Trusted Prosecutor in Washington

Appellate Court allows Federal executions to continue

Trump-Appointed Federal Judges Allow DOJ to Resume Federal Executions

Schiff dislikes DNI Grenell cleaning house at the ODNI

White House has plan for apocalyptic asteroid

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