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Data can be manipulated, or it can be a powerful weapon against an untrustworthy media.


Executive Order on Telecommunications Committee

George Soros on economic doom

Coronavirus: The California Herd

Master33 tweet with MN ICU bed numbers

Robert Michaels tweet on pneumonia death chart (CDC data links)

Pneumonia death tracker

Hospitals list virus deaths even without lab tests

HUGE! From CDC Website: Hospitals to List COVID-19 as Cause of Death Even if It’s “Assumed to Have Caused Or Contributed to Death” – Lab Tests Not Required

Alex Berenson tweet with Florida data

Chronology of Trump handling virus

Tucker Carlson on Fauci

Charlie Kirk tweet on investigations

Byron York tweet on FBI incompetence

Steve America First tweet with Pelosi clip about knowing about virus before it happened

Todd Starnes tweet about lawsuit against MSM

Todd Starnes tweet with hospital video

Todd Starnes article on the Fake News accusing him of being a virus denier

FAKE NEWS ALERT: NBC News Knowingly Lies About “Coronavirus Hoax” Story

NBC “reporter” who accused Todd Starnes of being a virus denier

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