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Nurture Your Intentions, Not Your Expectations


We’re all experts at building our own expectations. You create fictional realities that you frequently end up believing. After all, everyone fantasizes about their future. However, while thinking ahead is undoubtedly important, you need to consider how you do it. In fact, it’s far better to nurture your intentions than your expectations. Of course, it’s much easier to invent all sorts of possibilities, tell stories, and build fantasies than to actually fulfill them. In fact, you’ll probably find yourself with a whole load of intentions. However, you might be unaware that, to actually achieve them, you need to both pay…

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Chantal Maille
Praticien en Psychothérapie - Psychanalyste, Coaching conjugal & Sophrologie

SP — LARRY ROMANOFF — Nüshu (女书) — April 04, 2120

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