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Fear of Abandonment and the Thoughts That Sustain It


  Those who fear abandonment develop a series of behaviors that end up becoming sad self-fulfilling prophecies. Anticipating rejection and becoming obsessed with the idea of abandonment leads to oversized attitudes and reactions that end up, in all likelihood, driving partners away. After all, there’s no worse enemy than fear. There’s also no worse wound than that of abandonment. For example, there are many people who didn’t receive adequate emotional and physical protection in their childhood. Indeed, it’s not necessary for parents to be absent for a child to feel alone and helpless. Growing up without a love that covers,…

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Chantal Maille
Praticien en Psychothérapie - Psychanalyste, Coaching conjugal & Sophrologie

September 26th, 2022: Statements by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America

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