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Alpha-Theta Neurofeedback Training for Treating PTSD


  Alpha-Theta neurofeedback training is an intervention with the potential to help a multitude of patients. In fact, it’s used successfully for treating various clinical disorders, such as depression and ADHD. However, today we’re going to focus on its benefits in dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). According to the American Psychiatric Association, PTSD characterizes an individual who develops severe symptoms after having directly or indirectly witnessed an event that endangered their life. For example, a terrorist attack or a heart attack. Symptoms include re-experiencing the event and also hyperarousal (APA, 2015). “Neurofeedback trains the brain to produce a calm state.”…

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Chantal Maille
Praticien en Psychothérapie - Psychanalyste, Coaching conjugal & Sophrologie

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