The Biden's WH

A look back at July 2023 at the Biden-Harris White House.


00:04 The White House celebrates the Fourth of July on the South Lawn
00:59 President Biden holds a bilateral meeting with Prime Minister Kristersson of Sweden
02:03 President Biden delivers remarks during an Investing in America visit to Flex Ltd. In West Columbia, South Carolina
02:50 President Biden delivers remarks on junk fees
03:22 President Biden visits the United Kingdom ahead of the NATO Summit
04:11 President Biden visits Luthianua to participate in the NATO Summit
05:08 President Biden attends the NATO Summit
06:37 President Biden attends the Nordic Leaders’ Summit in Helsinki, Finland
08:03 President Biden meets with labor leaders
08:48 President Biden meets with President Herzog of Israel
09:12 President Biden meets with the Competition Council and discusses new actions to tackle junk fees
10:00 President Biden delivers remarks about Bidenomics at a Philadelphia shipyard
11:33 President Biden delivers remarks on Artificial Intelligence
12:48 President Biden signs the Emmett Till and Mamie Till-Mobley National Monument Procla-mation
14:31 President Biden delivers remarks discussing the expansion of access to mental health care
15:02 President Biden joins the “On Purpose” podcast
16:08 President Biden delivers remarks on extreme heat
16:53 President Biden holds a bilateral meeting with Prime Minister Meloni of Italy
17:52 President Biden signs manufacturing Executive Order

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