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Commodity Insights: Gold Runaway Train, All-in on Uranium, Gold and Silver to Skyrocket, Crude Oil Reserves


This compilation of financial insights includes videos from Kinesis Money, Commodity Culture, Wall Street Silver, Lena Petrova, and Liberty and Finance.

Andrew Maguire on Kinesis Money discusses Russia driving the multi-trillion gold runaway train. Terry Papineau joins Commodity Culture to talk about the Uranium sector and how it never looked more bullish. Dave Collum joins Wall Street Silver and says silver and gold is about to skyrocket. Lena Petrova talks about the collapse of US crude oil reserves with only 46 days of supply left. Teo Dechev joins Liberty and Finance to discuss why the copper industry is dramatically unprepared for an increased demand.


Kinesis Money – Sep 8, 2023

In this week’s episode of Live from the Vault, Andrew Maguire uncovers just how close the Federal Reserve – the only central bank short on gold – has come to completely losing control over its ability to manipulate gold.

The precious metals expert then shifts gears to reveal Russia’s behind the scenes action ahead of chairing BRICS, explaining how gold barter is a potential multi-trillion dollar trade that could see price-setting change hands from West to East.



Commodity Culture – Sep 8, 2023

Terry Papineau always has his finger on the pulse of the uranium market and what he sees today makes him more bullish than ever on the potential for the sector. Terry cites increased long-term contracting, rising prices across the nuclear fuel cycle, and a steadily climbing spot price as just a few of the reasons why he’s all-in on uranium.



Wall Street Silver – Premiered Sep 8, 2023

Dave Collum, Professor of Chemistry at Cornell University, returns to the show, and we discuss the U.S. dollar, BRICS nations, and the future of the global economy. We dive into gold, silver, inflation, the potential economic crisis, and how modern technology might reshape our financial future.



Lena Petrova, CPA – Finance, Economics & Tax – Sep 8, 2023

U.S. Oil Reserves Collapse With Only 46 Days Of Crude Oil Supply Left



Liberty and Finance – Premiered Sep 8, 2023

Demand for copper is likely to outstrip demand, says Teo Dechev, CEO & president of Mundoro Capital Inc. Dechev explains that Mundoro is optimally positioned to take advantage of the supply/demand imbalance the copper industry is likely to see soon. We are honored to have Mundoro as a sponsor of LibertyAndFinance.




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