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To Pass as ‘Normal’, Kids Must be ‘Queer’


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“They actually believe that all children are intrinsically queer, and that normal society is ’socializing‘ them, which is a fancy word for ’brainwashing’ them to be normal…"

In this episode, Jan Jekielek sits down with James Lindsay and Logan Lancing to discuss their new book, “The Queering of the American Child: How a New School Religious Cult Poisons the Minds and Bodies of Normal Kids.”

What is queer theory? Who are its biggest proponents? And what practical impact has it had on America’s youth, our institutions, and society at large?

Logan Lancing: “They’re going to turn out deviant, abnormal, perverse—whatever it is that is positioned against the norm, that is the goal… There are no brakes on the train. Yesterday’s radical is today’s conservative. It has to keep moving towards the direction of completely dissolving normalcy, boundaries, and legitimacy."

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