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Enes Kanter Freedom: Giving Up $50 Million For Freedom


Jan Jekielek interviews NBA player Enes Kanter Freedom. After playing 11 seasons, his career abruptly ended when began to speak out against human right abuses in China.

Freedom: “Forget about athletes, singers, rappers, actors, whoever you are that are not talking about this country. They talk about all the other problems. They talk about Iran, Saudi Arabia, they talk about Russia, they talk about North Korea, but when it comes to China, they’re silent. I was like, ‘Okay. I guess that’s my job now.’”

“Let’s find these artists around the world who have been oppressed by their government and let’s reach out to them and ask them to create these shoes for us. Not slave labor shoes. We are going to put all the struggles, all the violations and everything on the shoes—what’s happening in Tibet, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and with the Uyghurs, organ harvesting, surveillance cameras, and concentration camps.”

Freedom talks about what gave him the courage to stand up to major multinational corporations and the Chinese Communist Party.

“The biggest dictatorship in the world can 100% control an American organization and put pressure on them to fire an American citizen.”

“The NBA is not the only one,” says Freedom. “You see Hollywood, you see Big Tech, you see academia, you see Wall Street, you see Congress … They’re pretty much trying to invade America from the inside because they know they’re not strong enough to invade America from the outside…. By buying these people, organizations, companies, they’re pretty much trying to destroy America from the inside. People are letting them because they are bowing down to money. They are bowing down to power. And the more I researched, America is not the only one.”
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