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Collusion against Trump” Timeline Beggining in 2011 with Spy on Americans


It’s easy to find timelines that detail Trump-Russia collusion developments. Here are links to two :

Politifact Russia-Trump timeline starting on June 16, 2015 when Donald Trump announces candidacy for president.
Washington Post Russia-Trump timeline starting on January, 2013 when industry consultant Carter Page meets a man named Victor Podobnyy at a conference in New York

On the other side, evidence has emerged in the past year that makes it clear there were organized efforts to collude against candidate Donald J. Trump – and then President Trump. For example:

  • Anti-Russian Ukrainians allegedly helped coordinate and execute a campaign against Trump in partnership with the Democratic National Committee and news reporters.
    A Yemen-born ex-British spy reportedly delivered political opposition research against Trump to reporters, Sen. John McCain, and the FBI; the latter of which used the material–in part–to obtain wiretaps against one or more Trump-related associates.
    There were orchestrated leaks of anti-Trump information and allegations to the press, including by ex-FBI Director James Comey.
    The U.S. intel community allegedly engaged in questionable surveillance practices and politially-motivated “unmaskings” of U.S. citizens, including Trump officials.
    Alleged conflicts of interests have surfaced regarding FBI officials who cleared Hillary Clinton for mishandling classified information and who investigated Trump’s alleged Russia ties.

But it’s not so easy to find a timeline pertinent to the investigations into these events. Sharyl Attkisson, a nonpartisan investigative journalist, has produced a very complete chronology of collusion with Russia (link below) beginning in 2011 when U.S. intel community vastly expands its surveillance authority, giving itself permission to spy on Americans who do nothing more than “mention a foreign target in a single, discrete communication.” Intel officials also begin storing and entering into a searchable database sensitive intelligence on U.S. citizens whose communications are accidentally or “incidentally” captured during surveillance of foreign targets. Prior to this point, such intelligence was supposed to be destroyed to protect the constitutional privacy rights the U.S. citizens. However, it’s required that names U.S. citizens be hidden or “masked” –even inside U.S. intel agencies –to prevent abuse.and updated according to the news on the statistics concerning collusion with Russia.

His work is in progress according to current events.

Sharyl Attkisson win five-time Emmy Award and recipient of the Edward R. Murrow award for investigative reporting. She is author of two New York Times best sellers: “The Smear: How Shady Political Operatives and Fake News Control What You See, What You Think and How You Vote,” and “Stonewalled.” She is host of the Sunday morning national TV news program, Sinclair’s “Full Measure,” which focuses on investigative and accountability reporting.

“Collusion against Trump” timeline starting on 2011, when U.S. intel community vastly expands its surveillance authority, giving itself permission to spy on Americans who do nothing more than “mention a foreign target in a single, discrete communication”. Timeline always in progress according to current events

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