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Documents DUMPED!!!


After two and a half years of barely a drip of documents released to the American people, suddenly we’re inundated by documents! Here’s an overview of some of them.


Project Veritas Google documents dump

Google Document Dump

Terrence K. Williams Twitter feed

Louder with Crowder Change My Mind (Trump is not racist) video

Epstein taken off suicide watch at lawyer’s request

Nadler/Collins (House Judiciary) letter to acting director of Bureau of Prisons

Doug Collins statement on judge refusing to lump Don McGahn case in with Mueller report case

Collins statement on D.C. court’s decision not to link McGahn, grand jury cases

House Homeland Security tweet about subpoena for Jim Watkins

Announcement of House Homeland Security Committee subpoena for Jim Watkins

Epstein’s broken bones question suicide

Bill Clinton with the Blue Dress painting

Poll on who to blame, alcohol, drunk driver, or vehicle

Epoch Times article on Bruce Ohr 302s

Epoch Times article on Nellie Ohr

Bruce Ohr 302s document drop

Judicial Watch press release on Ohr documents

Judicial Watch: New DOJ Docs Show Nellie Ohr Sent DOJ/FBI Anti-Trump Russia Dossier Materials Through Her Husband Bruce Ohr

332 pages of Ohr documents

Nellie Ohr Russian documents

Nellie Ohr email exchanges with DOJ

Judicial Watch Releases Email Exchanges of Russian-Related Material between Nellie Ohr and DOJ Top Official Lisa Holtyn During the Time Ohr Worked at Fusion GPS

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