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Sierra (NZ) — No New Q but New Q Proofs

Source: Dinar Chronicles

President Trump dropped a great Q proof in the recent White House press conference with the Australian PM.

Check out the delightful POTUS Q proof in JustInformed Talk’s latest video (at 29′ 57″)…

President Trump is talking about the US nuclear capability. He says: ‘…And now we have it in, as we would say, tippy-top shape’ (he looks down to emphasize those words). Tippy top…’

Avid Q followers know the ‘Tippy Top’ story. Last year an Anon asked President Trump, via Q, to use the phrase ‘tip top tippy top’. President Trump obliged in spectacular fashion during the Easter Egg Roll ceremony speech on the White House balcony. He said ‘tip top tippy top’ several times, in reference to the efficiency of staff who look after the White House.

And here is a second Q/White House connection, also connected to the Aussie PM visit.

Check the same video at 23′ 53″. There is a tweet from the White House with just the word ‘Soon…’. The word is accompanied by a video of a red carpet in the White House, to -supposedly – illustrate readiness for the PM visit. So what does the red carpet video have to do with Q?

On 24th April 2018, Q drop number 1258…

An Anon asks Q: ‘When will we have the MOAB?’ (Mother Of All Bombs, regarding big news about Deep State arrests).

Q responded…

‘Should we tell all you good people watching the day & time?
Red carpet roll out?
Think logically.
The world is watching.’

Is it possible that President Trump is telegraphing the imminence of Deep State arrests with the red carpet video?

The trickiest aspect about Q is to constantly remember Q’s favorite phrase: ‘Future proves the past…’ It seems that the Alliance Plan involving President Trump and Q was created well before the 2016 election – and well before the first Q drop on 28th October 2017. Since then many Q drops have given detailed information about upcoming events, BUT NOT THE YEAR.

For example, September 2018, Q drops referred to ‘Red October’. Q followers assumed that Q was referring to the October mid-term election – and that ‘Red October’ would be a landslide Republican win. Now it seems that Red October may have actually been referring to October 2019 – and the start of mass arrests.

Recently Juan O’Saven gave an excellent 1.5 hour interview on McAllister TV (many of us believe Juan O’Saven to be JFK Junior). As usual Juan shared a staggering amount of inside information. It’s the kind of information that only someone extremely close to President Trump, the top military Alliance members and the Q team could possibly know….

Juan’s assessment on the progress of the Deep State take-down was sobering. Even though the Deep State destruction seems like a ‘slam dunk’ to those of us following it closely, Juan warns us not to be complacent. He says that the number of people OPENLY supporting the Alliance is not as high as they would like. He urges us to publicly support the Alliance Plan in any way we can – even just by trying to red-pill a neighbor.

Juan’s talk has finally motivated me to put a big QAnon sign on the back window of my car. I have been meaning to do it for ages.

Finally, Juan dropped a bomb shell – he said that Hillary Clinton will be arrested on 29th October. The first Q drop ever, on 28th October 2017, said that Hillary would be arrested ‘tomorrow’. Juan says that Hillary’s arrest three days before the satanic holiday of Halloween is perfect timing.

But – BUT – is it 29th October THIS year?? I truly hope so, and I am sure you do too.

Meanwhile, there is a huge amount of intel out there, even without new Q posts. Following and sharing the intel is a great way to do your bit to support the Alliance Plan while we await the RV. Light is information. Share the Light!

Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light
Sierra (NZ)

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