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Key Lime Pie & Hunting Hunter


Was President Trump’s mention of Key Lime Pie in his Friday night rally a coincidence? And does anyone have an idea where Hunter Biden is hiding? Also some ICE info as well as a couple of items on Elizabeth Warren.


Petition for Democrat candidates to recuse themselves from House and Senate proceedings regarding Trump
White House petition for DNC candidates to recuse on Trump investigation matters

Foreign Campaign Donations

Foreign Campaign Contributions: The Scandal Democrats Don’t Want Any Media to Talk About

Key Lime Pie and update on the home of the 17th letter of the alphabet

Trump rally in Louisiana on 10-11-19 (Key Lime comment at about 39:40

Tweet about Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren and tonsils

Elizabeth Warren is a Pro-Abortion Radical Who Says Killing a Baby is Like “Getting Your Tonsils Out”

ICE and DNA testing

CA and the plastic straws tweet

Joe Biden angered Gold Star parents

Devin Nunes – All the Democrats know who the whistleblower is, why can’t the Republicans and American citizens know?

Devin Nunes Asks Whistleblower: ‘When Did You Begin To Coordinate With The Democrats?’

Huckabee tweet on Hunter Biden

Pulitzer prize tweet

Why haven’t the media even got a statement from Hunter Biden? tweet

Sebastian Gorka tweet of interview with Don Jr.

Where’s Hunter t-shirt idea tweet

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KejRaj Report: “Trump (Gold) Standard, Powerful Energies, Truths” — October 12, 2019

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