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Restored Republic via a GCR as of Feb. 4, 2020


Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Feb. 4 2020

Compiled 4 Feb. 2020 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, Therapist ret, Journalist, Author, “Twenty Two Faces: inside the extraordinary life of Jenny Hill and her twenty two multiple personalities.”

Source: Dinar Chronicles

Judy Note:

1. Last Fri. 31 Jan. at midnight, (which Q designated as Freedom Day), US Inc.’s fiat US Dollar officially bankrupted, although that deadline may have been extended into early this week.

2. Over the weekend Reno did a test run of digital currency.

3. Paymasters in Zurich and Reno were looking for the reset this week.

4. Experts were predicting that this week would see a lot of Market volatility with the Chinese and US Stock Markets tanking.

5. A Market crash would eliminate the fiat Petrodollar.

6. A Market crash could only be avoided through implementation of a gold bullion-backed system.

7. On Tues. 4 Feb. in his State of the Union Address President Trump was expected to announce the US return to gold/asset-backed currency.

8. Multiple sources believed that Tier4b (the Internet Group) could receive notification to make exchange appointments after President Trump’s State of the Union Address.

9. At any time we should hear release of the Durham Report – which exposed Cabal political elites who were under indictment.

10. More declass would come with the FISA Abuse Report due out in March.

11. The Back Wall for Declass/Reset/GESARA/NESARA Release was July 4, although it has been said that Mass Arrests may wait until after the Nov. 2020 Elections.

12. Last month at the World Economic Forum in Davos, President Trump announced that over 190 federal judges had been appointed to interpret US laws for a return to Common Law of the original US Constitution: (@15 min.).

13. In Nov. Trump had handed the reset decision date to the Military, who were executing arrests of Political Elites. According to Military Intel, as Tier 3 & Tier 4 liquidity was released, many more World Court ordered/GESARA-required arrests would take place. Certain criminal Political Elites had to be indicted in order for the US to be GESARA compliant and able to participate in the GCR, just as BREXIT had to happen in order for Britain to be GESARA compliant.

A. Feb. 3 2020 Morning Chat with MarkZ:

1. Over the weekend Reno did a test on the Block Chain Technology of digital currency that was being used with the Quantum Financial System. It went quite well.

2. I am told to expect great things this week.

3. Sam: There was expected to be lots of Market volatility this week.

4. Paymasters went home over the weekend, but were back in place as of noon today Mon. 3 Feb.

5. Mass arrests and reset would likely be at the same time.

6. A crew of Chinese Elders were staying in a place on the West Coast.

7. Issac, a Paymaster in Zurich, was looking for the reset this week.

B. Feb. 3 2020 12:51 am EST Deep State Crimes in the Ukraine, Greg Rubini: (Reader | peteaxehandle) Deep State Crimes in Ukraine The Ukraine Holocaust:

1. Eric Ciaramella is involved in much darker things than you can imagine. Joe Biden, John Brennan, Barack Obama and Victoria Nuland are also in it.

2. In Feb 2014 there was a violent Coup d’Etat in Ukraine. There was a massacre in the main square of the capital, Kiev where100 people were killed.

3. There were strategically placed snipers at windows of tall buildings surrounding the square. The snipers from the buildings shot both at protestors and police officers. It was a horrific massacre.

4. There were 100 people killed by the snipers, Ukranian citizens and police officers. It was the Ukraine Holocaust.

5. The snipers were professional mercenaries hired to do the job and given percise instructions to kill 100 people. Hired and paid by whom?

6. Why did 100 people have to be brutally killed? Because CIA Director John Brennan and Victoria Nuland (State Dept.) wanted 100 people killed. That would trigger a Coup d’Etat in Ukraine. Which, in fact, happened.

7. Who organized those snipers in Ukraine to do this massacre? Who hired them? Who paid them? Eric Ciaramella.

8. Eric Ciaramella was assigned that task by the CIA Director John Brennan. Brennan was the CIA Director at that time, in 2014. Eric Ciaramella was, and is, a CIA Operative. He was Brennan’s CIA point man in the Ukraine, in 2014.

9. Eric Ciaramella is a CIA Operative. He speaks fluently Ukrainian and Russian. Ciaramella was the perfect guy for the job, and was a Brennan Loyalist. Ciaramella has been in the Ukraine many times. He flew several times to the Ukraine with Joe Biden.

10. Eric Ciaramella is the guy responsible for the Ukraine Holocaust which killed 100 people. This is why the CIA and the DEEP STATE protects him

11. This is why the DEEP STATE and the CIA do not want Eric Ciaramella’s name to be spoken. @RandPaul @HawleyMO . This is the reason of the COVER-UP.

12. A cover-up also by the Chief Justice John Roberts – who is compromised, blackmailed & owned by the CIA.

13. This is why there are gag orders not to pronounce Ciaramella’s name. Gag orders by the CIA. The horrific truth of what Ciaramella did in the Ukraine cannot be revealed.

14. Eric Ciaramella hired and paid the snipers and organized the Ukraine massacre under orders of John Brennan, but who authorized Brennan to proceed with the massacre of 100 people in the Ukraine? None other than Barack Hussein Obama.

15. It is now clear why Adam Schiff covered up Eirc Ciaramella and did not allow Eric Ciraramella to testify in the impeachment hearings. This makes Adam Schiff an accomplice to Eirc Ciaramella in his crimes in the Ukraine.

16. Killing 100 people is not a small crime and 40 of them were police officers. A good question now is: will the Ukraine ask for extradition of:

– Eric Ciaramella
– John Brennan
– Barack Obama
– Victoria Nuland
– Joe Biden
– Hunter Biden

17. Imagine if a foreigner hired snipers in New York City to shoot and kill 100 people in Times Square. Snipers positioned in the tall buildings around Times Square shooting at people and NYPD officers. Imagine that. This is what those guys did in the main square of the Ukraine capital.

C. Feb. 3 2020 1:40 am EST The End of the World as We Know It – the Fall of the Cabal, Janet Ossebaard, Paul Davis, Funkyduffer: (Reader | Funkyduffer) For those Who Want to Know

“How does one become aware they can awaken when they do not even realize they are asleep?” Paul L. Davis, 1987

Judy Note: The below ten short videos contain the most comprehensive history of the Cabal, Q phenomenon and Q-continuum – Trust the Plan, WWG1WGA – that I have ever seen.

1. Part 1 (13 min.) Things that make you go hmmm:
Beginning the search for the Truth, Left & Right in politics, Wikileaks, the inauguration of Donald J. Trump, and the birth of the Q-phenomenon.

2. Part 2 (15 min.) Down the Rabbit Hole:
The Q-phenomenon, the battle for world dominance, shadow governments, the 1%, the power of the banks, the Rothchilds, the Rockefellers, and George Soros.

3. Part 3 (16 min.) Illegal Alien Invasion:
The migrant caravan, George Soros, NAMBLA, Antifa, Black Lives Matter, the destabilization of the world, the importance of “United we stand, divided we fall,” the role of President Trump, his achievements, Fake News, human trafficking, the wall and child trafficking for the elite.

4. Part 4 (16 min.) Child lovers everywhere:
Child trafficking, pedophile logos used by child protection agencies, adoption agencies, in Disney cartoons & movies, in Hollywood, in business and in politics, Haiti as child trafficking island, the role of the Clintons and Trudeau.

5. Part 5 (19 min.) Children, Art and Pizza:
The sexualization of children and the normalization of pedophilia in our society, Comet Ping Pong, James Alefantis, David Brock, the Podesta brothers & Pizzagate, pedo artwork, the Podesta e-mails published by Wikileaks, pizza related code words, the role of the Clintons, Obamas, and Rothschilds, Cognitive Dissonance.

6. Part 6 (16 min.) Media Manipulation:
The torture swimming pool of Gloria Vanderbilt, her son CNN-reporter Anderson Cooper, Fake News, media manipulation & propaganda, the CIA, Project Mockingbird, whistle blower Udo Ulfkotte, the Illusion of Choice in media land, major sponsors of Hillary Clinton & the Democratic Party, Dangers of censorship, Media Matters for America, Correct the Record, Facebook, Google & YouTube, Snopes, Avaaz and the use of Controlled Opposition.

7. Part 7 (23 min.) Witches and Warlocks: t Marina Abramovic, Spirit Cooking, the Brazilian healer John of God, 8 cases of alleged suicides by hanging from a doorknob (Dolores Zorreguieta, L’Wren Scott, Chris Cornell, Chester Bennington, Tim Bergling (Avicii), Annabelle Neilson, Aaron Swartz, Kate Spade, Anthony Bourdain), the wrath of Hillary Clinton, worshipping the devil, normalizing cannibalism, the Church of Satan, statues of Moloch, the Dutch royal family, Nazi connection, Operation Paperclip, Bariloche, the Bilderberg Group.

8. Part 8 (19 min.) Beyond Kings and Queens:
Hunting parties of the European royal families & the elite, Pizzagate, Adrenochrome, survivor accounts, the English royal family, their connection with Jeffrey Epstein, the naked boy trying to escape from Buckinham Palace, the ITCCS, Kevin Annett, 50,000 murdered Canadian children, the evidence, the sacrifice of children throughout the ages, the tradition of the red shoes. About Anthony Weiner’s laptop, his Life Insurance file, blackmail, murder of those who speak up.

9. Part 9 (19 min.) Dawn of a New World:
The Q-phenomenon, Q-Anons, Yellow Vests, uprise & revolution of the people, help of Q, identity of Q, Truth Movement, hints and clues by president Trump, NXIVM, Bronfman sisters, Dalai Lama, Frank Giustra, Red-pilling the people, draining the swamp, Hillary Clinton’s e-mail server(s), the mysterious soccer ball at Helsinki & president Putin, Barron Trump, the stepping down of 80,000 CEOs, assassination attempts on president Trump, the real Russian Collusion, Uranium One scandal, the Rosatom Deal, bribary, corruption, money laundering, pay-to-play. Clinton’s & Obama’s high treason, infiltration by the Muslim Brotherhood, execution of John McCabe & the encoded flag on his coffin, Osama Bin Laden.

10. Part 10 Return of the king:
President Trump’s spelling errors (Covfefe, Hamberders, Smocking Gun), his hints and clues, his direct communications with the people, a future spokesman for the US, John F. Kennedy senior & junior, their deaths, clues junior left behind, Tiffany Blue Boxes, George Magazine, Survival Guide to the Future, Vincent Fusca, Nicola Tesla, John Trump, Julian Assange, possibility of time travel, worm holes, parallel timelines, the mysterious books by Ingersoll Lockwood, the Ingersoll Trump pocket watch, Alice in Wonderland, Follow the White Rabbit, Future Proves Past, Q in Star Trek, the Q-continuum, Trust the Plan, WWG1WGA.

D. Feb. 3 2020 1:13 am EST Connecting the Dots: (OpDis) Connecting the Dots — Rinus Verhagen

E. International Child Sex Trafficking:

Read President Trump’s full remarks on how to end human trafficking.

Why Miami Super Bowl was a magnet for sex-trafficking:

Vatican Pedophile Ring, Child Trafficking, Mass Graves and Missing Children:

Child Trafficking, pedophile logos used by child protection agencies, adoption agencies, in Disney cartoons & movies, in Hollywood, in business and in politics, Haiti as child trafficking island, the role of the Clintons and Trudeau.

F. Restored Republic, GESARA/NESARA Compliance: As Q advised, “Enjoy the Show!”
According to Military Intel, as Tier 3 & Tier 4 liquidity was released, many World Court ordered/ GESARA-required arrests would take place. Those political elites charged with Treason had to be indicted in order for the US to be GESARA compliant and participate in the Global Currency Reset. The worst case scenario for NESARA/ GESARA and return to a Restored US Republic would be for such to occur 120 days prior to elections, which may mean around July 4 2020Dem Panic Grows Over Mysterious Sealed Criminal Indictments — Sorcha Faal

At any time we should see a release of the Durham Report, which was a probe of the Deep State and review of the FBI’s Russia investigation. Over the next several weeks in Feb. Rudy Giuliani promised to be releasing more intel leading to arrests. QAnon said that the FISA Abuse Report would release by March 2020. Since 2016 US Attorney for Utah, John Huber, has been over a Grand Jury investigation looking into evidence of wrongdoings by those in the upper echelons of Washington, D.C. bureaus and law enforcement agencies.

Those more prominent elites charged were rumored to be the Clintons, Bushes, Obama, Pelosi, Biden, Mueller, Comey, Rosenstein, McCabe, Brennan, Ohr, Strzok, Clapper and many others.

Charges included using a public office for personal monetary gain; performing criminal acts relating to Uranium One, the Clinton Foundation, Fusion GPS; Crimes of 9/11 and Cover Up of 9/11; the March 11 2011 Fukushima Nuclear and Tsunami mass murders; Benghazi Massacre; Hijacking of Malaysian Air 370; Mass Murder in Haiti; Pedophilia; trying to subvert the will of The People by conspiring with foreign officials to take down a duly elected US President, or violation of the Espionage Act of 1912; High Treason; Election Fraud; Child Sex Trafficking; Homicide; Pornography; Money Laundering; Bribery; Perjury; Gun and Drug running; Human Trafficking; Child Exploitation; Kidnapping; Organ harvesting; Blackmail for votes on political issues through recording of pedophilia parties where children were raped, tortured and murdered; Misappropriation and Confiscation of US taxpayer monies through use of the illegal and privately owned Federal Reserve, IRS, US Corporation, City of London and Holy See, plus not implementing the Freedom from Debt GESARA Law passed by the US Supreme Court and signed into law by President Bill Clinton.

As of 31 Dec. 2019, 144,844 sealed indictments had been filed by Huber’s team of 740 investigators in federal courts across the nation, most of which contained pedophilia charges. It was said that 80% of the Democratic Congress (plus some Republicans) had been charged, some with major offenses such as Treason.

G. Jan. 2019 saw the beginning of Federal Court secret trials and GITMO Tribunals. By Dec. 2019 of 144,844 indictments filed, 16,818 had been unsealed (meaning indictments were served, arrests made), with 1,843 served during just these past holidays. With so many cases pending it was assumed that it would take at least two years or more to complete litigation.

H. Currency Exchange and Bond Redemption:

Each country had their own 800# or website code for use of currency exchangers/ bond redeemers that would be sent out by email, or found on certain websites. Clicking on that web link on your computer or phone, would create your own unique signature to receive an exchange/ redemption appointment, along with exchange/ redemption information.

We were told that Mike Cottrell’s signature was on the Gold Treaty, he would push the liquidity button and just an hour or so prior to liquidity release, Wells Fargo and HSBC Banks would be sending out over 400,000 emails to currency and bond holders, along with instructions on how to exchange and redeem. That information would also be available on websites as below.

Redemption Center Staff were told that upon liquidity release, they would be working 7 am to 11 pm for about 10-12 days. The Tier4b Internet Group (us) would have those 10-12 days to exchange at the higher Contract Rates, after which (predicted by mid-Feb.) the General Public could exchange at regular banks, receiving the new, but lower, International Rates of exchange.

At your exchange you would watch a 15 min. CD that would explain the exchange/redemption process before you began. If you held Zim expect to sign a 4 ½ page Non Disclosure Agreement. If you held both currencies and Zim expect that NDA to be 5 ½ pages. If you held currencies and no Zim, that NDA was expected to be around 1 ½ pages.

Dinar Chronicles:
Dinar Recaps:
MarkZ Twitter:
TNT Tony:

I. 800#s Notification From Dinar Chronicles: Website Update – TETELESTAI: Reminder for RV Notification and Instructions Do not send or give your currencies to anyone to exchange your currencies. Each individual would be allowed to redeem and you do not need to be in a group. Once the RV began instructions would be published that applied to everyone globally and would post on the TETELESTAI page:, plus on the main blog, where you could also be emailed:

J. Judy Note on Zim Bonds: It was my understanding that if you had Zim Bonds and a humanitarian project, your Zim rate would be determined from the costs of your project. It would be wise to type up a short outline of that project including your goals. Have an estimate of monies needed to accomplish those goals, the years you wished in your long term payout and your interim financial needs until your first quarterly payout was received.

If you did not have a specific humanitarian project you would be given a certain set rate on your Zim and opportunities to invest redemption monies in international humanitarian projects. Either way you could determine the amount of years you wished for your long term payout and be paid interest on your monies left at the bank during that payout.

K. Twenty Two Faces: inside the extraordinary life of Jenny Hill and her twenty two multiple personalities,” Judy Byington: From infancy to age six Jenny was repeatedly raped and tortured by members of a Satanic Coven – the trauma forcing her developing brain to split into multiple thinking patterns. Her sophisticated Nazi-inspired Mind Control programming was overseen by a CIA agent believed working under direction of the international monetary system’s Ninth Circle Child Sacrifice Cult – the very Cabal that the World Court, BRICS Alliance, President Trump and White Hats were taking down with the Global Currency Reset.

WARNING: Jenny gave a graphic description of being forced to view a Child Sacrifice:

L. Judy Note: I do not, nor have I ever, received monies for writing my Updates and articles. The compensation has been in having opportunities to research and expose the truth about Satanic Ritual Abuse including pedophilia and Child Sacrifice, which was rampant in our international society and thereby contribute in efforts to Save the Children.

The above was a summary of information from the Internet. It would be up to the reader to do their own research and decide whether or not it was valid. A Thank You to those dedicated and brave intel providers who wished to remain unknown; to humble Wildfirelady who was adept at exposing the truth; to Brad who did great research and Ken who uncovered almost unlimited intel on pedophilia to help us Save the Children.

Divide They Try, Fail They Will, for WWG1WGA to Support POTUS, Follow Q & Trust Plan

Let us ThankQ that the reset has finally come to be. I wish you well in your humanitarian efforts and look forward to seeing you on the other side where together, we will make life better for all.

Patience is a Virtue. Having Virtue is a sign of a good moral being. Good moral beings have the power to overcome evil and change the world. Judy

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