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Here’s Why The Chinese Communist Party Owns This Pandemic | Declassified | Gina Shakespeare


As the pandemic continues on its deadly path around the globe, some crucial facts are being pushed aside by the media and international organizations that wish to preserve their relationship with China. As a result, the narrative of this global disaster has been changing dramatically under the guidance of the Chinese regime.

Therefore, let’s refocus on some key facts.

The pandemic began in Wuhan, the capital city of Hubei province, in China. Furthermore, the virus did not come from Wuhan’s wild animal market.

Rather, that which we prefer to call the “CCP virus” likely came from China’s one and only National Biosafety Laboratory—the only Level 4 facility in China that handles coronaviruses*. And just where is that lab located?

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Written by James Gorrie
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Conversa telefónica com o Primeiro Ministro italiano Giuseppe Conte

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