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(Reader | KurD) Looking for Love in all the Wrong Places


Reader Post | By KurDOne doesn’t have to spend too much time digging to find deep realizations that, no matter the path traveled, all lead to the same destination. Inquisitive minds could start in NESARA, travel through corruption of world governments, take a right turn around Pizzagate, duck under Epstein Island, sift through the rubble of The Haitian Earthquake only to pop out of a tunnel under The Clinton Foundation. Wo. Take a breath, ..then dive deep into the GCR/RV, ZIM Bonds, Dinar, Dong, QFS, Big TECH Censorship, Big Phat Pharma, Vaccines, WHO/CDC corruption, Big “Shot” Bill Gates, Population Reduction,…

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[DS] Bio-Terrorism Plan Failed, Pedo World is Next – Episode 2160C

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