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Biden Listed as “Perpetrator of Crime” in Ukraine — Sierra (NZ)

Source: Dinar Chronicles | by Sierra (NZ)

Check out this video and tweet from Josh at RealDirtyTruth…

‘John Solomon reports that Joe Biden is listed as an alleged perpetrator of the crime and it’s being investigated in Ukraine.’

Chuck Callestro says it best in this tweet…

‘Joe Biden has been listed as a PERPETRATOR OF CRIME by a Judge in Kiev, Ukraine. WHY IS THIS NOT PLASTERED ON EVERY NEWS STATION?’

It’s an excellent question. This is direct evidence of collusion between the Democrats and mainstream media. They are suppressing news of the criminal activity of a potential President of the United States. Corruption on a grand scale.

BrunoBarking has some great tweets, decoding recent comments by President Trump…

POTUS (during speech at Ford Motor Plant): ‘Founded by Henry Ford…from a good BLOODLINE. Good bloodlines if you believe in that stuff…’

Very interesting. Family bloodlines has been a key element of the satanist network over many centuries. President Trump is seeding humanity with little truth bombs ahead of major revelations.

BrunoBarking points out that the next eclipse of the Sun is on 4th July 2020. Dark to Light. President Trump is expected to attend a big celebration at Mount Rushmore on 4th July (American Independence Day). Some Anons believe that JFK Junior may be revealed as alive at the celebration. How amazing would that be…??

And, literally, emerging from the depths – new developments regarding the Titanic. Check out this video and tweet from I ET 17. President Trump is talking at a press conference…

‘Is that “My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion off the soundtrack of ‘The Titanic’ in the background? The same Titanic that sank killing the top three opposers to the Federal Reserve who were on board? The same Titanic that just got approved for salvagers to go down to look for “evidence”?’

It is important to note that after the Titanic sank in April 1912 – killing the three main opponents to the Federal Reserve proposal – the Federal Reserve was established in USA. Why would salvagers be looking for evidence now?

Q said: ‘Gold will end the FED.’ Could it be that Titanic telegraph records will provide crucial evidence that destroys the Federal Reserve, and brings in the Global Currency Reset?

Finally, don’t you just love this tweet by Truth Hammer? Note the color of the little HCQ pills rolling off the production line in UK, to be distributed to front line health workers. Yes, RED PILLS…

Today I reconnected with a friend from 30 years ago. A lot to catch up on. The initial conversation revealed his intense dislike for President Trump so I immediately realized I was dealing with a (lovely, intelligent) asleep friend. I plowed on and told him that I was writing articles for alternative media. He said…’Is that about Q?’

YES!! He might be asleep and living in a small country at the bottom of the world – BUT he has heard of Q.

Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light
Sierra (NZ)

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