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The D5 Avalanche Has Begun!!!


From now on out, the news cycle is going to be filled with new revelations and eye-opening facts about ObamaGate. Here are a few things you might have missed.


Jack Posobiec thread on nursing homes

Sidney Powell tweet We didn’t elect Fauci

“Satire” site

Harvard Admits Michelle Obama’s Degrees Are Fakes (About Us page)

WaPo article on “satire” troll sites

Gowdy drills Comey

January 5 meeting was key to ObamaGate

President Obama named

List of officials who could unmask

List Of Obama Officials Involved In Unmasking Declassified, Expected To Be Public Soon

Fear of Flynn and Sally Yates

Jim Jordan on the Obama pattern

2000 Obama holdovers sign letter about Barr

Kimmel’s “apology” about Pence

VP Pence carrying boxes

Kimmel/Scarborough/Cruz Twitter feud

Cruz response to Scarborough

Cruz tweet of article about Stephen Miller

SCOTUS decision on illegal aliens

University of Arkansas Professor arrested

Romanian Church in Chicago defies governor’s order

Grenell announces ODNI organizational changes

Trump does the unthinkable – Liz Crokin article

My facemask tweet

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Are More DARK DAYS Ahead For THEM?

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