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Who is George Floyd? — Thinker2


Operation Disclosure | By Thinker2, ContributorJune 21, 2020We know there is a lot of corruption in America, but who is really behind it all and why?Is it simply a matter of greed like the Mafia, and does America offer real freedom from corruption?Are the reports of NESARA / GESARA / GCR a real threat to corruption or is it another deception?All Governments currently run on slavery because Government offers no product anyone wants. Government is a Service Corporation and to expand Government needs to take more from the public (inhabitants). Is there another way? Yes, but it requires that the…

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SP — LARRY ROMANOFF — ¿Se crearon el COVID-19 y el COVID-20 en un laboratorio de los EE.UU.? June 21, 2020

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